Best Places to Visit in Fort Deposit, Alabama


The city of Fort Deposit, Alabama is located in the state of Alabama. If you are planning a trip to Fort Deposit, it is important to look up the distances between various locations in the area and to find a flight that will get you to Fort Deposit in no time. The following table provides information on the cities and towns that are closest to Fort Deposit, AL.

Fort Deposit is the largest city in Lowndes County. It was incorporated on February 13, 1891, and has a mayor-council form of government. It is situated on the highest point of land between New Orleans and Montgomery. Currently, Fort Deposit is home to two major banks.

Fort Deposit has a rich history. In 1813, General Claiborne established a supply fort here. This was on orders from Andrew Jackson. Since then, the city has experienced population growth of 41.3% in recent years. It has several parks and athletic fields, as well as a golf course.

Fort Deposit is located two miles west of Interstate 65. State Road 185 and Old Fort Road connect the town to the surrounding areas. County roads 45 and 37 also lead to Fort Deposit. One mile southwest of the city is the Fort Deposit Lowndes County Airport, which serves general aviation. In addition, a CSX Transportation rail line passes through Fort Deposit.


If you’re planning a vacation in Fort Deposit, Alabama, you may be wondering what you can expect from your stay. Fort Deposit has a lot to offer. For example, there are over 164 Fort Deposit vacation rentals available, including Rent By Owner homes and other short-term private accommodations. These rentals offer top-notch amenities and are often cheaper than hotels, so they’re a great option for vacationers.

Despite its small size, Fort Deposit offers a great selection of activities for tourists. Its proximity to other major U.S. cities makes it an ideal vacation spot for families and couples alike. There are numerous attractions, museums, and art galleries to check out in Fort Deposit. You can explore these destinations and many more within a one-and-a-half-hour drive.


Weather in Fort Deposit can affect your plans for outdoor activities. The city experiences a muggier period from May 8 to October 10, lasting for about 5.0 months. Days during this period are muggy at least 24% of the time. For example, July has 29 muggy days, while January only sees 0.3 muggy days. Wind speed can vary more than an hourly average depending on the topography of the city, so you should check the forecast to find out the best time to visit Fort Deposit.

The climate of Fort Deposit is generally warm and humid. The average high temperature in Fort Deposit is 84degF during the summer months and 58degF during the winter. Typically, temperatures in Fort Deposit vary between 38degF and 91degF, but temperatures rarely dip below 24 degrees. The most pleasant months to visit Fort Deposit are mid-April and early June.

The precipitation rate in Fort Deposit, Alabama is high in most months, but varies from month to month. In July, there are 15.4 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. During the rest of the year, there are only nine months with more than 6.1 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation.


Fort Deposit has a hot and humid climate. Typically, the average daily temperature is over 84degF. Winters are relatively mild, with average low temperatures in the mid-twenties. Temperatures rarely dip below 24degF or exceed 96degF, and the coolest month is January. Fort Deposit is best visited during the cooler months of mid-April to early June, and mid-September to late October.

The climatology of Fort Deposit, Alabama is influenced by several factors. First, the weather is influenced by the topography. The highest elevations are higher than the lowest, which means that the climate is generally more humid. Another factor that impacts the climate is the amount of wind. Fort Deposit experiences varying wind speeds.

Monthly rainfall in Fort Deposit, Alabama can vary greatly, but the monthly average rainfall is almost always greater than 0.04 inches. In addition, the chance of wet days varies throughout the year. For example, in July, 15.4 days will have at least 0.04 inches of rain. However, during August and October, the chance of rain will drop to less than a half-inch.

Wind speeds in Fort Deposit, Alabama vary by season. During the summer, winds are usually stronger than 3 miles per hour, but are much less frequent during winter. Wind speeds in Fort Deposit typically reach a high of 4.8 miles per hour in February and fall to nearly 3 miles per hour in July.

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