Handbag Organizer Ideas For Small Spaces

When you have limited space, handbag storage is a major issue. As your handbag collection grows, the problem becomes even more frustrating. There are creative storage options for small spaces, however. Floating shelves, shower curtain rings, and pegboard are just a few of them.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to add storage to a small space. You can install them in the bathroom, kitchen, or living room. They are great for displaying decorative items or holding practical items. Floating shelves are easy to install and don’t take up much floor space.

Floating shelves can also be used as pantry shelves. Floating shelves are an attractive way to organize your pantry and keep your items out of sight but accessible. You can place your pantry staples or colorful dishware on them. They are also great for storing art supplies and paperwork.

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can use support beams as shelf units. These shelves can be painted to match your cabinets. You can also use them to hold books, houseplants, and other small items. These pieces of furniture are easy to install and can be purchased at low prices.

Floating shelves are another bag storage idea for small spaces. They can serve two purposes: as a convenient storage space and a stylish display space for your handbags. You can use them to hold the bags you don’t need and highlight your favorite bags. You can also hang them behind a door for added storage.

Wire baskets

If you have a small space, wire baskets can be a perfect storage solution. They are great for storing mail, budget files, and even toys. These storage options are flexible and can fit anywhere where you have free wall space. You can also use them to display books and other items.

Wire baskets are great for storing clothes, but you can also use them to store your jewelry and scarves. You can even screw them onto the back of your pantry door! You can also use them as a place to store paper towels. If you have a small space, a wire basket can also hide your cleaning supplies, clothespins, and individual socks!

Wire baskets are perfect for bathrooms, too. In a small bathroom, they can be mounted on the wall to hold towels and toilet paper. They won’t get clogged with soap or water, and they look elegant. If you don’t have any storage space in the bathroom, you can use them as storage for other items like magazines and newspapers. Alternatively, you can hang them near the kitchen sink.

Wire baskets are another great way to make small spaces look bigger. A round wire basket with a round top looks adorable in a living room and also doubles as a nightstand in the bedroom. You can also use wire baskets to display plants. Small potted plants in a series of wire baskets can be hung over bare walls for a beautiful display. Wire baskets can also be used for displaying vintage bottles.


Pegboards are versatile and functional storage solutions. They can be customized to fit the needs of the user and the available space. Decorative elements like photos and prints can be used to decorate pegboards. They can even be painted to add color to a room. A pegboard wall can serve as a stylish storage solution and a room divider.

A pegboard is also great for storing small items. For example, a pegboard can be used to hang a small yoga mat and other exercise equipment. It can also hold small tools such as an iron. Because it is a vertical storage solution, pegboards can save valuable floor space.

Another great pegboard idea for small spaces is to use it as a bedside table organizer. It can keep your jewelry off the floor and add a decorative touch. A pegboard also makes a great solution to organizing earrings and necklaces. And as a decorative element, you can decorate the pegboard with a heart.

A pegboard can also be used to store other items. It can also be used to organize kitchen drawers. It is flexible and versatile, and you can easily customize it with dividers if needed. It is also highly functional as it will prevent loose items from sliding around when the drawers are closed.

Shower curtain rings

Shower curtain rings can be used as bag organizers and to hang accessories from. You can use these rings to hang your bags and purses, or to hold cleaning supplies. You can also use them as a rack for accessories like hairbrushes and hair ties. There are also many other ways you can use these rings, from hanging jewelry and belts to storing cleaning supplies. Whatever your purpose is, these rings will work perfectly for you.

Shower curtain rings are also handy for storing bolts and nuts. You can use them to store different sizes, and you can also use them as a drying rack. They have small clips that can be used to hang other items. You can also use them to hang your tank tops.

Aside from using shower curtain rings as bag organizers, you can also use them as a hook for plastic buckets or loofahs. You can even hang them from the ceiling. You can also use them as a necklace or bracelet holder. Another great use for shower curtain rings is as a teaching tool for children. Wrap the rings with ribbon or yarn to make a wreath or a ring toss game. You can also daisy-chain a bunch of rings to create a longer chain.

Over-the-door racks

Over-the-door bag organizer ideas for tiny spaces are easy and affordable. Hanging acrylic dividers can be installed on a closet shelf or door for easy access to scarves, purses, and backpacks. The dividers also provide a convenient place to keep shoes and other accessories.

The best over-the-door bag organizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Small handbags can be stored in pocket shoe organizers, while larger purses can fit in wire rack style organizers. Handbags can also be hidden inside of storage bins. These storage options come in a variety of colors and patterns. In addition to hanging over-the-door organizers, purses can be placed on shelves or even under the bed.

You can also use a hook rack to hold jewelry. This organizer costs $15 at The Container Store and keeps jewelry from tangling. The organizer attaches to the back of a door with thin screws. Be sure to place it high enough off the floor. Using an acrylic hook rack will help keep your jewelry organized and neat.

Another over-the-door bag organizer idea for small spaces is to make use of a bookcase to keep handbags upright. This is especially useful for those who do not have closet shelving. Depending on your needs, you may even be able to make use of a magazine holder or file folder as a handbag organizer.

Closet shelf organizers

Closet shelf organizer ideas for small spaces can include stacking bins and adjustable shelving, which allows you to customize the storage space for your items. You can also buy small multi-drawer units that sit flat on a shelf. These units are especially useful if you need to store items that you don’t use all the time. To create a tidy system, label the bins and stacks with a label maker.

Decorative hooks are another great idea for small closets. They can hold emergency and everyday items, such as handbags or umbrellas. Decorative hooks are also useful in entryways, as they can be used to hang raincoats and umbrellas. Another closet organizing idea is to install a scarf hanger, which can be made from a wooden hanger and a few shower curtain rings.

Cubby containers can also be used for organizing shoes. These storage options can be placed inside a closet or even hung on doors. Organizing your shoes is another great way to make more space in your closet. If your closet is small, you can even hang them on a door.

Using adjustable closet systems can also maximize the vertical space in a closet. Adjustable shelving systems like ClosetMaid ShelfTrack can help you customize your closet according to your needs. This product is rated as the best value for your money in our review of closet systems. It has several configuration options for closets ranging between 5 and 8 feet wide. You can even adjust the height of each rod, if you want to.

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