The Best Salts for Cooking and Baking

Why Salts Worldwide has the best coarse salt
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The TimesMachine is a benefit for those who subscribe to the Times’ digital or home delivery service. It preserves original articles, but the digitization process can introduce errors and other issues. Fortunately, the Times is continually working to improve the quality of its archived versions. Regardless of whether you are a home delivery or digital subscriber, you’ll find that different salts have slightly different taste. For this reason, it’s recommended that you conduct an informal salt tasting. Try four salts side-by-side, each with a slightly different taste.

Flaky sea salt

Unlike other sea salts, flaky sea salt is naturally harvested without additives. This product is certified Kosher and BioGro approved, and it has a delicate flavor that will compliment all types of food, including salads, chicken, and French fries. Flaky sea salt is a popular choice for a variety of applications, including cooking and baking. Here are some of the best-selling types:

Himalayan salt

Authentic Himalayan coarse salt is one of the world’s best-known natural sea salts. Its origin is more than eight hundred million years old. Alexander the Great first discovered the salt deposits on his Indian Campaign. Upon finding them, his horses licked the salt and his soldiers tried it out. Alexander quickly became a devotee and used it in his recipes. He credited his salt’s health benefits to his success.

Diamond Crystal Kosher salt

If you’re cooking with kosher meat, you’re probably already aware of the benefits of kosher salt. It’s an all-natural salt that lends the purest of salt flavors, absorbs moisture, and binds ingredients. Diamond Crystal kosher salt is a great option for cooking because it’s much easier to pinch than table salt, so you can avoid over-salting your dishes.

Portuguese flor de sal

Flor de sal is white in color and mild and sweet in taste. In centuries past, salt workers used to take the “cream of the salt” home with them. This is because it is skimmed off the top of the salt pans. In fact, it accounts for about 15 percent of the salt produced. In fact, Portuguese fleur de sal is one of the best coarse salts on the market.

Maldon sea salt

The world’s most famous sea salt is made by four generations of master salt makers. The Osborne family has been producing the finest quality salt for over a century and is responsible for creating the world-renowned Maldon brand. Steve Osborne, head of the Maldon Salt Company, follows in the footsteps of his great grandfather James, father Clive and grandfather Cyril. The result is a superior, distinct flavor that adds a distinctive touch to food.

Portuguese flor de sel

The finest sea salt in Portugal is flor de sel. It is harvested from the shores of Portugal’s Ria Formosa Natural Park. The process starts at high tide, when the ponds fill with ocean water. The hot, dry climate and lack of rain in June and September cause the sea salt to evaporate, and the chunks of salt float to the surface. Then, workers gather them by hand, preserving the process until the next high tide. This method is repeated several times until the pool is completely dried. Portuguese flor de sel is highly prized for its quality and taste.

Black lava salt

A unique product, Black Lava salt is harvested on a volcanic Pacific island and combines a crisp crunch with activated charcoal, a natural anti-toxin and digestive aid. Known for its unique taste, Black Lava salt is popular in first-class restaurants. Not only does it enhance the flavour of many dishes, it also looks amazing when used as a table garnish or as a decoration around a cocktail glass.

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