The Home Edit by Clea Shearer

The Home Edit is a look book and masterclass in one, featuring practical advice for all living spaces. It offers simple solutions to everyday problems, and is divided into categories. It also features a Netflix series. It is a great pick for home decor and organization enthusiasts.

The Home Edit is a masterclass and look book in one

If you’re ready to take your home from cluttered to orderly, this book is for you. It’s a lookbook and masterclass in one, complete with tips on organizing your space from start to finish. Clea Gaines, a home organizer, has put together a beautiful book that walks you through every step of the process. It includes bright photographs and detailed instructions on everything from how to store plastic dishware to organizing pantry items by color. The Home Edit will help you get organized so that you’ll love your home, and it’ll help you find what you need.

The Home Edit is the latest book by a team of organizing gurus and designers. The team behind the company has worked with a range of high-profile clients, including Kim Kardashian, to create a home that looks organized and effortless. Their work has been featured on Goop, People, and Architectural Digest.

The Home Edit is an amazing resource for anyone looking to make their home look organized and stylish. It’s a look book and masterclass in one, and it’s now available in stores at The Container Store. It’s also available online. The author once lived in Los Angeles and is still very much at home there. Check out the Container Store’s line of products, as well as White’s Mercantile, for some tips and inspiration.

It offers simple solutions to everyday problems

The Home Edit is a home improvement show with a big following on Instagram. It features simple, creative solutions for everyday problems. Its premise is that we need more organization in our lives. We are spending more time at home, and need to keep our things more organized. The Home Edit helps people make simple changes to their home that can help them live a more organized life.

Founded by Joanna and Clea, The Home Edit blends organizing with design and styling to make spaces more functional and beautiful. Their rainbow-colored approach to organizing makes rooms appear spacious and attractive. The Home Edit focuses on using the principles of ROYGBIV to create color-coordinated systems.

The organizing company’s Instagram account has more than 1.9 million followers, doubled in a month. Despite being so new to social media, the organizing company’s account has helped it grow its business. Most clients say they learned about the organizing service through the Instagram account.

Clea and Joanna emphasize the importance of starting small when organizing a space. While hiring professional organizers is attractive for celebrities, average people may find it difficult to hire a professional organizer. Rather, it’s better to approach one room at a time, and gradually build up your organization.

It’s organized by home category

Clara Sharer, the creator of The Home Edit, is a home organizing expert who has a following on Instagram. Her company is organized by home category and features the lives of celebrity and ordinary people who are looking to improve their spaces. Unlike many other organizing services, the Home Edit works with you, not for you. The team uses containers, clear acrylic, and cursive labels to create organized home spaces.

In the first season, the show follows a man’s quest to organize his home. In season two, the show features a relationship between a husband and wife who decide to move into a new house together. The pair tries to improve their lives by removing clutter. The Home Edit season 2 premieres on April 1, 2022 on Netflix.

It’s about embracing your life

Clara Sharer’s book The Home Edit is an organization guide that is full of humor. It features gorgeous photographs of the places you’ll live in your life and helpful tips to simplify your home. Shearer, a former corporate executive, and her co-founder Joanna Teplin are passionate about creating homes that reflect who they are.

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